What happens if I need reschedule my headshot session?2021-08-25T16:37:41+00:00

I require a 3 business day notice to move your session to a new date / time. If rescheduling within 3 business days of your session day and time, only half of your deposit will be applied to the new date / time. 

Can I bring a friend to my headshot session?2021-08-25T16:40:07+00:00

Sure but only if you’ll be relaxed and comfortable posing in front of him or her. I have seen people get nervous and hold back at times and this tends to ruin the experience and outcome of images. 

Can you shoot on location and how much space do you need?2021-08-25T16:38:17+00:00

Yes but I do charge a location / travel fee for any session happening outside of my studio. If shooting in your office, I prefer a 15’x20’ area.

Do you have a place for me to change?2021-08-25T16:30:06+00:00

Yes. I have a dedicated bathroom that my clients use. It also gets cleaned and sanitized in between sessions.

What should I bring / wear to the headshot session?2021-08-25T16:38:43+00:00

When preparing for your headshot, consider your brand and audience before making a decision on your wardrobe. I always recommend a minimum of 3 outfits as a rule of thumb – 1 Business Causal, 1 Business Dressy and 1 normal look. This will give you options for different needs. 

I also recommend bringing items that fit you well and make you feel great. Try sticking with solid colors and avoid flashy patterns and or colors. You will also want to bring your styling products. Men – bring your shaving kit if you want some images without facial hair. 

How much time should I allow for?2021-08-25T16:41:58+00:00

I don’t have a time limit but sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It just depends on your needs and how many outfits and backdrops you want to try.

Where do theses session take place?2021-08-25T16:28:53+00:00

I currently shoot out of my home studio located in bay park. I have dedicated studio space with a 9ft seamless backdrop installed. 

How do you retouch your images?2021-08-25T16:41:21+00:00

A well done photo should never look retouched. It should look like the best version of you! Retouching will lighten the eyes, teeth, remove blemishes and ease wrinkles. It will soften the skin while keeping the texture intact preventing the photo from looking manipulated. I will also color correct and fine tune the image for your intended use.

Do you offer hair and makeup for headshots?2021-08-25T16:13:17+00:00

No but I do recommend splurging for it if you can but it is not necessary. If you need a recommendation, I can connect you. Wether you hire someone or apply your own makeup, go natural and try to avoid going heavy. Also, bring all your makeup with you as we can always add.  

Gentlemen, please do not wear any makeup including concealer. I can take care of any blemishes in the retouching process. If you have facial hair, bring your shaving kit if you want a few images without facial hair. Lastly, go easy on the hair gel. 

Can I get a last minute booking?2021-08-25T16:22:48+00:00

I am typically booked 3-5 days out but it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask. Just shoot me an email.

How do I decide on what image to select and how do I pay for them?2021-08-25T16:21:08+00:00

After your headshot session we will review the images I captured and I will help you go through them based on your needs. Each selected image is $100 and includes professional retouching.

How should I prepare for my headshot session?2021-08-25T16:35:20+00:00

Just be you and be relaxed. Take care of all beauty treatments (haircut, eyebrows, facials, tanning, etc..) well in advance, preferably a week, just incase anything happens during the treatment. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, avoid drinking any alcohol the night before and Moisturize.

Should I wear my glasses?2021-08-25T16:41:38+00:00

If people are familiar with you in glasses, then yes and if you have multiple pairs, bring them all. If you sometimes wear glasses, I will likely ask that you take them off. 

How are my images delivered – and how fast?2021-08-25T16:08:00+00:00

It takes our retoucher about 3-5 Business days. Once complete, your final images will be delivered via email in a downloadable link. You will have 15 days to download your images, after which they are archived for 1 year.

How many “looks” or outfits can I wear?2021-08-25T16:28:25+00:00

Unlimited! I always recommend a minimum of 3 outfits – 1 Business Causal, 1 Business Dressy and 1 normal look. This will give you options for different needs but you can bring as many as you have time for. 

Can I see my images in real time?2021-08-25T16:17:04+00:00

Yes! I shoot tethered to my laptop and as I shoot you can see the images I am capturing. This allows us to work to gather and make changes as needed ensuring we get the best shot.

Is a deposit required to book a headshot session?2021-08-25T16:36:41+00:00

A non refundable session fee of $250 is required in order to secure your session day & time.